Kronenburgersingel 2a
6511 AT  Nijmegen
024 - 348 17 67


What we can do for you:

  • setup/intonation, only takes a couple of minutes
  • small electronics repairs, same here
  • replacing pickups or electronics, same again
  • more complicated repairs on basses and amps
  • refrets/refinishes/truly complex repairs such as fixing broken necks
  • help you sell stuff
  • declaration of value for insurance
  • life's lessons and political advice
  • anything else you can come up with

The more complicated repairs are done by our team of highly-experienced luthiers and techs. Since these guys are great and inexpensive the repair-times can vary from two weeks to six but you will be extremely happy with the result; we guarantee it!

Our service is fair-priced: a perfect setup is only 20 euro with the puchase of a new set of strings. Any setup is always done to your exact specifications of course and takes your playingstyle into account.